Leading Suppliers of Food Service Equipment in South Africa & Africa                            

BCE is the leading supplier of kitchen utensils, industrial cookware, commercial kitchens & appliances to the hospitality & food service industries. With years of experience, and an extensive network of dealers and suppliers, they offer the best in food service and catering equipment throughout Southern Africa and beyond.

BCE carry a range of more than 6,000 products, all of which are best of breed and sourced from reputable local and international suppliers.

The products are classified into the following categories:

• Heating • Processing • Refrigeration • Washing • Cleaning • Utilities and Smalls • Chefware
• Display ware and Buffetware • Storage and Handling • Hotelware • Glassware and Crockery

BCE are the leading supplier to the commercial catering industry, delivering a comprehensive range of branded products & solutions with a superior turnaround times & service levels

Supplying a wide range of quality products and brands within the shortest possible time (speed), means that you, our customer, need to look no further than Hygiene Disposables for all your commercial catering equipment needs.



Green Worx CS - Green Cleaning Products Producer in South Africa

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Sontara® Cleaning Cloths Makes Cleaning Easier!                             
Advanced fabric solutions for the food service industry

Because Sontara® fabric is continually washed during the manufacturing process, Sontara® fabric is low-linting, exceptionally clean, and has the built-in strength of spunlace technology, making it extra-durable.

In fact, Sontara® fabric can handle the toughest cleaning challenges because they are so strong and resistant to wear and tear that they maintain exceptional strength, even when wet.


- Food Grade Certified
- Absorbs six times own weight in liquid
- Rinses easily for clean appearance
- Pick up food faster than standard wipes
- Excellent tensile strength

- Great for both cleaning and use with a sanitizing agent
- Quickly wipe surfaces clean and dry
- Strong and re-usable
- Comes in a variety of colours - Ideal for color-coding to reduce cross-contamination

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Byotrol is a REVOLUTION in hygiene
it delivers a powerful level of germ protection that not only outlasts all the leading competitors,
it does so gently

Companies around the world are benefitting from the power of this innovative technology, which delivers a superior level of antimicrobial control for businesses where hygiene is essential for them and their customers: hospitals, food factories and agriculture as well as leading consumer brands.

What makes Byotrol different from the rest is the combination of it's three main attributes which deliver amazing results:

Powerful:           Absolutely deadly to bacteria and viruses…Fast acting effect; powerful germ killing power –
                                    up to 99.99% of germs in 30 seconds on working surfaces and hands.

                                    Broad-based efficacy across all microbial classes: bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds & algae.

Long Lasting:    …and keeps working long after others have stopped.
                                   Residual, durable, long-lasting protection from germs : hours, days, weeks, even months for
                                   certain formulations.  
Offers 24 hours residual protection for surfaces and 6 hours for hands.

Gentle:              ...yet harmless to you and your family...
                                    Bleach is toxic and corrosive, alcohol can irritate skin.
                                    Byotrol's structure allows for fewer chemicals, reassuring for you and your family.
                                    Byotrol is alcohol and bleach-free and has a much lower hazardous chemical rating
                                    than the alternatives


How Byotrol Works...

Killing germs and other microbes is easy. Doing it combined with gentleness and persistence has never been done before,
welcome to Byotrol. Byotrol delivers long-lasting antimicrobial protection. It’s deadly to germs yet harmless to you and your family.


Byotrol is a revolution. It works in a different way.
It's all about size 

Byotrol tackles the problem of microbes by getting down to their level, and using a more certain way of eliminating all the millions of
different types of bugs by focusing on the one thing that is common to all micro-organisms… their size.

Microbes are tiny; rather than using only a chemical action, Byotrol uses revolutionary Amphicelles which affect
tiny things in a big way. The result is a physical action devastating to the microbe's invisible world,
but almost undetectable at human scale.

The AmphicelleTM Solution

Byotrol’s Amphicelles literally pull the microbes apart, ripping them open and utterly
destroying them. They also stay on surfaces for hours and days, the result;
a microscopic barrier that’s invisible to the naked eye, can’t be felt by human hands,
but is absolutely deadly to microbes. This technology offers 
long-lasting protection
and reassurance by continuing to work hour, after hour, after hour.

This structure also means fewer chemicals, which means excellent antimicrobial control
delivered in a safe and gentle solution for you.


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Cleaning Equipment by Design                      

Cleaning is an essential activity each day, every day, week in week out, 365 days of the year, every home,
every commercial enterprise or industrial location cleans or is cleaned....

NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL (PTY) LTD SOUTH AFRICA are the sole importers of NUMATIC machines, cleaning equipment and vacuum systems. The company is the South African subsidiary of NUMATIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, UNITED KINGDOM.

NUMATIC are committed to ensure that users of NUMATIC machines receive the best service available. 


In the manufacture of their equipment, NUMATIC use a material called Structafoam, unique to NUMATIC and yet
unsurpassed in terms of quality and durability. Structafoam is tough, durable and totally corrosion resistant,
with superb noise reduction characteristics.