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Sontara® Cleaning Cloths Makes Cleaning Easier!                             
Advanced fabric solutions for the food service industry

Because Sontara® fabric is continually washed during the manufacturing process, Sontara® fabric is low-linting, exceptionally clean, and has the built-in strength of spunlace technology, making it extra-durable.

In fact, Sontara® fabric can handle the toughest cleaning challenges because they are so strong and resistant to wear and tear that they maintain exceptional strength, even when wet.


- Food Grade Certified
- Absorbs six times own weight in liquid
- Rinses easily for clean appearance
- Pick up food faster than standard wipes
- Excellent tensile strength

- Great for both cleaning and use with a sanitizing agent
- Quickly wipe surfaces clean and dry
- Strong and re-usable
- Comes in a variety of colours - Ideal for color-coding to reduce cross-contamination

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